Fan Experience:

A vintage base ball match is a game for the whole family to enjoy.  You will see skilled ball players who are also gentlemen (or women) playing for the love of the sport.  We invite cranks (fans) of all ages to be involved in our games, either by dressing in period costume and taking an active part in our festivities, or by enjoying our matches and shouting “huzzah” from the sidelines after a fine strike. 

Our games follow the traditions and values of the time when base ball was developed as a means of entertainment and exercise.   Cursing and spitting are strictly prohibited.  Sliding is not allowed.  Close calls on the field are handled through gentlemanly discussion and a hand shake.  You can expect to see the highest standards of sportsmanship, gentlemanly behavior, and respect for all involved in our matches. 

Vintage base ball is fine family-oriented entertainment.  Our matches are absolutely free to watch.  Bring sack lunches and a towel and have a picnic as you enjoy our game.  Ask one of the River Hogs to show you their hand-crafted wooden bats or hand-spun base balls. 

Join us at one of our events to watch the River Hogs and witness the way base ball was meant to be played. 


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