History of Midland Vintage Base Ball:

Midland County's baseball and softball leagues have an extensive history and an honored tradition.  Teams from Midland played in a Northern Michigan base ball league in the late 19th century.  There were many squads playing in intra-Midland leagues as well.  Base ball certainly didn't die at the turn of the century.  Midland is also the home of the Northwood University Timberwolves (NCAA Division 2).  Now local baseball supporters have another reason to celebrate with the arrival of a Class-A Midwest League ball club in 2007. 

Midland has made a name of itself in softball in the 20th century, hosting various competitive leagues.  The national fast-pitch softball championships have been held in Midland four times.  Two local semi-professional fast-pitch teams have won national titles. 

The Mighty River Hogs base ball club was created in 2000.  We honor the heritage of the area’s ball players and of the lumbering industry along our rivers.  “River Hogs” were the men whose task it was to scramble across the logs floating down river to break up the log jams that frequently occurred. Working from dawn to dusk, and soaked by icy waters, they risked their lives every day.  Many river hogs lost their lives performing such a difficult task. 

The Midland County base ball club is fashioned after one of the many community-formed teams of the Civil War era rather than a formal, amateur sport club.  Our player's uniform is reminiscent of the old lumberjack outfits of the 1860's. The red sash is paramount to the uniform because no lumberjack would be caught dead wearing a tie in public. 

The Mighty River Hogs have made competed at the Columbus Cup, Greenfield Village World Historic Base Ball Tournament, Silas Pierce Cup of Grand Rapids, and the Great Black Swamp Frog Invitational of Sylvania, OH.  We have made appearances at the Bay Port Fish Sandwich Festival, Beaverton Centennial, Crossroads Village of Flint, Historic House of David, Mackinaw Island, Michigan Sugar Festival of Sebawaing, Midland River Days, and West Branch Centennial.  The Mighty River Hogs are the three-time champions of the Silas Pierce Cup (2004, 2006, 2007); in addition to being champions (2006) & runners-up (2004) of the Great Black Swamp Frogs Invitational. 


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